Message in a bottle




We are excited to announce the launch of Crabit’s newly designed webshop and blog for the like-minded seafood lovers.

Our blog, Message in The Bottle, will be home to a variety of delicious seafood recipes that our team of adventure-seeking seafood enthusiasts whips up from their kitchens, some simple cooking techniques from the experience, our and our friends’ adventures and discoveries in the related areas of food and drink and then just some occasional ravings.

And yes, on the other hand we indeed welcome you to look into and try our ultimate gourmet treat – the finest and largest Red King Crab our brave fishermen and navigators have risked their lives for. Our wild caught Red King Crab, demanded by seafood lovers around the world, comes from the depths of the Barents sea. Superb living conditions and a dazzling diversity of life have made way for the King Crab population to flourish and currently the Barents Sea boats some of the finest crab meat one could imagine. Next time you need to surprise your friends or family. Our wooden gift package with ice would make a perfect choice instead of a regular bottle of cognac.

Let’s join for this journey for tastes of the treasures of our nature! You can also join in on Crabit’s Facebook or Twitter page. Furthermore, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding any topics, please do not hesitate to leave your comment or tweet us. We would very much like to hear your thoughts and feedback.