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Thawing seafood – what, how and why does it matter?


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How to thaw your valuable product so that it keeps all the nutrients and most important of all – the taste? And what can happen if incorrect methods are used?


Using the correct techniques to thaw seafood will keep the freshness, taste and nutritional benefits of the sea creatures and will avoid bacterial contamination. Using incorrect techniques will result in decline of quality and taste as well as the meat spoiling. The best way to thaw seafood is to leave in the refrigerator overnight (for about 12 hours). For quicker thawing cold water can be used or as an alternative, cook with frozen meat. But as the speed of thawing increases the quality of meat decreases.

Thawing in the fridge helps keep the taste and nutritional benefits of our red king crab beat as the process is the most stable. For example: place our crab legs in a bowl with the bag and keep in the fridge overnight. By the morning the meat will be ready for eating or cooking. A big advantage of this technique is that the thawed seafood will not spoil in the fridge for a couple of days and it can be refrozen. We do however recommend that you eat the delicacy as soon as possible to get the best taste experience and receive all the nutritional benefits.

The biggest advantage in thawing seafood using water is speed. Is does however require constant supervision. Our red king crab should be placed in a bowl of cold water with the bag. Do not use warm water as it will heat up the outer layers of the meat and start bacterial activity (same applies to thawing at room temperature). The water must be changed every 30 minutes to keep it cool. Thaw until the meat is soft to touch. Seafood thawed by this technique has to be eaten immediately and it cannot be preserved in the refrigerator as the decaying process has already started. To refreeze the sea creature, it must be cooked thoroughly or else it will spoil.

Frozen seafood is also used in cooking. They are added to soups for example that will thaw the produce and it will obtain some of the taste of the soup as well.    You can also steam the sea creatures in a pot with broth. When cooking seafood in such a manner the recipe of the dish must be taking into account (the dish can become watery, the seafood soggy or overcook) as well as the possibility of change to the texture and taste of the produce as well as loss of some of the nutrients.

We recommend thawing our red king crab overnight in a refrigerator to preserve the delicate and soft texture, the abundance of nutrients and the exquisite taste of the meat. Enjoy!