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Recipe: Red King Crab Risotto


21. Kuningkrabi risotto

Risotto is a traditional Italian rice-dish. It originates in the northern part of the country, specifically from the eastern part of Piemonte and western part of Lombardia where the biggest rice fields are located. Risotto is the foundation of any good Milan or Turin kitchen.

There are a hundred different ways to make a risotto depending on the flavour combinations used, but a classic recipe includes soffritto (finely chopped and sauteed vegetables using different spices and olive oil), broth, seasoning and risotto rice. Cheese, seafood, mushrooms, vein and herbs are often added.

As such we bring you one of those classics of Italian cuisine coupled with the finest our seas have to offer – Red King Crab.


200 g Red King Crab meat
3,5 dl arborio risotto rice (or basmati rice)
100 g butter
0,5 teaspoons ground saffron
1 finely chopped onion
0,75 dl dry white wine
1,2 l chicken broth
4 ts grated parmesan
salt, pepper and grated parmesan (for seasoning)

(2 servings)


Melt half of the butter in a thick based pot.
Add the diced onion and cook on a mild heat for about 10 minutes until the vegetable is soft. a
Add rice and cook for 1-2 minutes.
Add wine and a pinch of salt.
Stirr lightly and then cook the rice on a mild fire for about 10-15 minutes until the wine has infused with the rice.
Add a ladle full of boiling broth and cook on a mild fire until the broth has infused but the rice is still moist.
Continue doing so until the rice has been cooked and is still slightly creamy.
Correct risotto rice is a little on the runny side and not very porridgy.
Stir when necessary.
When the rice is cooked turn off the heat.
Add the rest of the butter, parmesan and Red King Crab.
Season, taste and serve.
When serving add parmesan to taste.

PS! We recommend cooking with wine that you like to drink and serving it on the side of the risotto. This helps bring out the best tastes and flavour combinations.