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Recipe: Red King Crab, Melon and Mango salad


4. Kuningkrabi salat meloni ja mangoga

Melon and mango are known for their fresh and light taste. They help bring out the sweet tasting notes of our king crab instead of overwhelming it. The textures blend seamlessly to create a delicate but flavourfull and full of nutrients culinary experience.

Both fruits are currently in season and with our king crab help ensure a tasty, visually appealing and healthy dish that fits on an everyday table as well as a banquets menu.


360g of Crabit King Crab meat
1/4 melon
1/4 mango
A handful of salads by ones own taste
Half a tomato cut into cubes
1 ts of rosted pina nuts
1/5 garlic bulb crushed
1/2 chopped shallot
Herbs by taste
4 ts of olive oil

4 servings
(Or one Crabit 600g box)


Place the chosen salad at the bottom and add cut pieces of melon, mango and king crab.
Mix the remaining components and add the on top of the salad with a spoon.

It’s that simple!